Gloucestershire Old Spots Pig Breeders’ Club


The GOSPBC was established in 1990 to promote the breed and help breeders. With members in the UK and overseas, it is very proactive in fulfilling its objectives. The club is managed by an elected committee and has a full constitution with regular AGMs.

One of the main ways of communicating with our members and the wider public is via this website which was relaunched with improvements in 2013.

Pig Showing

Delegates at the Club Workshop at Shuttleworth College, Beds. April 2007

A free access Forum for all those interested in GOS pigs was launched in September 2005 and is hugely successful both for helping enquirers find the answers to their problems and generally keeping everyone in contact. The Sales section is also proving to be a fantastic free service for Club members and others who want to sell pigs – it works!

Since this website was first launched in the 1990s, we have developed and improved it with new features and information to help members and visitors alike. We shall continue to do everything we can to make it the most effective information centre available. Visitor’s suggestions as to features they would like to see are most welcome – please email or add your suggestions to the relevant Forum pages.

As well as the website, the Club also undertakes the following:

  • Publication of its quarterly newsletter, Spot Press , featuring news, views and advice**.
  • Organisation of social events countrywide to bring members together.
  • Organisation of the Southern and Northern England championships.
  • Presentation of special awards at over 30 different agricultural shows in Britain.
  • Practical organisation of the annual Champion of Champions’ competition.
  • Advertising in selected journals promoting the breed.
  • Publication of leaflets about the breed, available on request.
  • Publicity through PR in the national and local media.
  • Free advice to members on practical matters.
  • Occasional practical workshops to help members.
  • The Annual Show and Sale.
  • Club Merchandise available to all – members enjoy a 10% discount.
  • Obtained Traditional Speciality Guaranteed status for GOS produce and now inspects and approves the right to use the logo by breeders and retailers.
  • Lobbies government and other bodies to limit mis-use of the GOS name on food labels, advertising etc.
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    **Special Offer Elect to receive Spot Press electronically by e-mail (Adobe Acrobat format) and we’ll reduce your annual subscription by £5.00!

    Members at a Club workshop in Cheshire in 2009 learnt to use pregnancy testing equipment as part of the course.