Rare Breed Pig Keeping

In 2003, the GOSPBC published a small book made up of features and articles from Spot Press, its quarterly newsletter. At that time, most publications were aimed mainly at the commercial pig keeper with little or nothing of relevance to someone looking to keep just a few pigs for pleasure.

Since then, there have been a number aimed specifically at this market and you can find some in our Shop. Things change and some of the information in Rare Breed Pig Keeping is now out of date, especially in terms of rules and regulations (red tape!) but there is still a lot of useful information therein.

Thus we have included a series of publications as a free resource in the Members Area so if you’re a Club member, you can tune in and get some great advice from some of the top pig keepers whenever and as often as you want.

Learn the techniques for contented GOS pig management!

Learn the techniques for contented GOS pig management!

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