helloo try again

Ok, but you will need to upgrade at some stage, you can’t stay on 3.5.2 forever !

Here’s the backup and testing strategy that I use.

This lets you

know your backups work,

can test upgrades to theme, plugins and WordPress without affecting live site

Test new plugins and themes without affecting live site

Most (maybe all) host providers let you have sub-domains

I use this to create a testing.mysite.com

CREATE YOUR SITE and copy files/folders

If your hosting provider gives you one click WordPress, install this on the sub-domain.

If you don’t know what database this links to, then look in WP-config, this will give you the details.

Once created you’ll have a base WordPress install. Then if you copy your wp-content directory across from your live site this will give you all your themes, plugins and uploads.

If you cannot create a new WordPress automatically, then do a manual install and create your own database.  You can copy across all the WordPress files and folders, but then you’ll need to edit wp-config to point to the new database.  If you only have one database, if you look in wp-config this will give you database prefixes, so you can create duplicate tables using phpmyadmin with a different  prefix to give your test area.  However using two separate databases is far preferable as backup and restore are then painless.


So now you have a testing domain with all the files and folders that you live site has, but you need to copy the data.

So do a phpmyadmin backup of your live site database to your PC – this is good practice to do each week in any case, and after any upgrade or serious alteration/addition to your site.

Then in your test database you can restore this. If this is a different database, then you can simply restore.  If both sites share a database but have different pre-fixes, then restore needs much more care and attention to ensure you don’t overwrite your live site, which at best will mean you test site is wrong, but at worst can corrupt you site or take you back to previous backups.


Now once restored, the test database with have the urls of your live site in the Wp-options table – you need to change this.

In you mysql enter the following command

UPDATE wp_options SET option_value = ‘http://testing.mysite.com’ WHERE option_name IN (‘siteurl’, ‘home’)

Where testing is your subdomain and mysite your site

That’ll get the site pointing correctly, but all the references for media will still be to the live site.  So in your test site upload the velvet blues plugin – just search within plugins for it.

This gives you a tool where you can easily change all the urls in one easy move.  Change the url from www.mysite.com to testing.mysite.com

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    Ok, but you will need to upgrade at some stage, you can’t stay on 3.5.2 forever ! Here’s the backup and testing strategy that I use. This lets you kno
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Welcome Forums helloo try again

Welcome Forums helloo try again

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